A practical approach to a more joyful life

How to Create Balance

Here is the tough truth: Creating a balanced life is not as simple as finding the right planner or figuring out the perfect “flexible-job” situation. Creating balance takes contemplation, planning, connection, and reflection.

Here is the good news: The Create Balance Method will guide you through all that.

Why a method?

A method is something clear and direct that you can count on. Technically, a “method” is defined as “a procedure, technique, or way of doing something, especially in accordance with a definite plan.”

A method is predictable. That might seem unexciting but I view methods as super-tools.

The clear set of steps and guidelines that a method offers can give anyone the opportunity to solve complex problems. Methods are the guides that help us move from struggle to success. Methods make possible for anyone to follow a plan that leads to growth and change.

When it comes to creating a balanced life, the Create Balance Method provides this guidance.

In fact, as I researched and tested the Create Balance Method I found that it consistently helps busy moms and dads:

  • Feel connected to family, friends, and work instead of feeling like they are always missing out
  • Feel productive and accomplished instead of feeling like they never get anything done
  • Be present and attentive with their children instead of feeling fragmented and frustrated.

The Create Balance Method takes all the complexity, emotion, and practical tools needed to create a balanced life, and puts the into a clear plan. The Create Balance Method is a recipe that you can return to time and time again, every time you feel out of balance.

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The Foundations of the Create Balance Method

Foundation (noun): The basis or groundwork of something

All methods have foundational pieces just as all recipes have required ingredients. In the Create Balance Method you need all three of these pieces to truly create a balanced life.

Essential Values are the few, truly essential values that direct your time, energy, focus, and attention in daily life. Figuring out these values takes time, but figuring them out will also change your life forever.

“Live in Balance” Systems are the structures and habits you put into place that keep your time, energy, focus, and attention on your essential values. These systems also allow you to maintain balance between your different essential values and your life responsibilities. You use “Live in Balance” systems to maximize the time and energy you spend on your essential values. You also use “Live in Balance” systems to minimize the time and energy you spend on the things that you don’t value as much (but still need doing).

Reflection is the process of reassessing both your essential values and the effectiveness of your “live in balance” systems. Reflection allows you to “check in” on your progress and also think about what changes in your life require shifts in your values or systems. This reflection is foundational because our responsibilities, our families, and our lives are all dynamic and changing. Reflection allows you to grow and change with them in a balanced way.


Putting it into Action

Once you have the foundational pieces, it’s as simple as putting the Create Balance Method into action!

Step 1: Identify your essential values

Before you take on new responsibilities, look for a new job, or just decide to make a change in your life, it’s important to figure out your essential values. The word “essential” here is key. If you say that you value being the parent who always brings homemade goods to every bake sale, but you also value working 14 hours a day, you are going to have a struggle. Too many of us try to do it all and in the process do none of it well.

Figuring out your essential values means you step back and decide on:

  • What actions and interactions you value most
  • What priorities you have in all areas of your life: family, work, friendships, etc.

You should only have a few essential values. More than that and you quickly become unbalanced.

Check out my resources page for examples of tools to help you figure out your essential values.

Step 2: Adapt and add “Live in Balance Strategies”

You probably already have some routines to help keep you and your children moving along. You probably already have a system for remembering things you need to do (even if you feel completely overwhelmed by this).

Live in Balance Strategies are the strategies you use to make sure you are focused on your essential values. The strategies you develop will be personal. The routines and systems you develop will depend on your style, your needs, and the needs of your family. But, at the core, your Live in Balance strategies must follow these golden rules:

  • Maximize time for the things that matter
  • Minimize the time you spend on the rest

Check out my resources page for examples of Live in Balance strategies.

Step 3: Reflect

The beauty of a method is that it can be used over and over again. As a busy parent you know that our lives change as our children grow. It’s not enough to just figure out your Essential Values and Live in Balance strategies for today, or even this year. Those things will change.

You need to make time to reflect on what is working and what is not. You need to reassess your values and your strategies and see if they still are serving you. You need to take time to figure out how balanced you are feeling in your life and where you need more joy. The only thing constant is change, and the Reflection part of the Create Balance Method is what you need to keep up with the changes

Check out my resources page for tools to help you Reflect.


Struggling and falling down makes us human.
Getting up again is the brave part.
The Create Balance Method is the tool to help you get up again – as many time as you need to.


Create Balance Beliefs

I started Create Balance based on these core beliefs:
Create Balance Belief #1: Every mom and dad deserves to feel balance and joy both with their family and at work.
Create Balance Belief #2: Balance is deeply personal. A balanced and joyful life looks different for different people.
Create Balance Belief #3: You don’t find balance. Instead, you must create it.
Create Balance Belief #4: Big life changes can be made by making small decisions every day. In fact, small decisions every day are often the only way you can make big life changes stick.
Create Balance Belief #5: We live more balanced lives when we are connected to a community.

The Create Balance Method unifies these beliefs into one clear plan that anyone can use. I’m excited to teach you this method and to help you create the balanced and joyful life you have been craving.


When you go through the Create Balance Method, your own version of a balanced life will look different than someone else’s. That is because we are all individuals with different values, strengths, and needs. This is why I offer one-on-one consulting packages in addition to my courses, workshops, and resources – so that I can provide you all the personalized tools and support you need to move through the Create Balance method and create your balanced life.