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Create Balance Membership

One of my Create Balance Principles is “Less is more.”

So, let’s keep it simple.

Here are hows and whats of Create Balance Membership

(and why it’s almost as good as your first cup of coffee).

#1: You sign-up for $4/month and get complete access to:

    • Guided weekly video planning sessions every week
    • Monthly Life check-ins with Marie, where we reflect, and plan. Life check-ins help you bring joy and focus into your busy life. Recordings are always posted for members.
    • A premium members-only Create Balance Planner published every month
    • Access to the Complete Guide to the Create Balance Method: a 4-week course on the ultimate system for creating a balanced life – on your terms
    • A Members Facebook Group where we share inspirations, insights, and smattering of hilarious .gifs

#2: You have a place to go when feel like you don’t have your sh*t together and need guidance.

We’re also a good place to go when you need to step back, look at your tasks and your time. The weekly planning sessions and members-only meet-ups are a chance to breathe and break out of survival mode so you can jump right back into your busy life intentionally.

#3: You get the tools and guidance you need to put spend more time and energy on matters most (and less on all that “other stuff”)

There you go. Easy peasy