Systems for parents who want to do good work in the world and at home.

Meet Marie

Create Balance is all about empowering parents to create the balanced and joyful life they want for themselves and their families.

cbl meet marieI’m Marie Levey-Pabst and I’m the founder and a life-balance consultant at Create Balance. I work with overwhelmed parents who are struggling to balance family, work, and personal fulfillment. I teach them how to create balance around their own unique essential values, priorities, and personal strengths.

I’m personally driven by this mission because I’m working on living it for real every day. I am a mother of two, a life-long educator, a coach and a writer. I love my cat, and nothing helps me relax more than a quiet night in with popcorn and a sci-fi movie.

But that is the kind of cliche stuff that you find in a standard author bio. It’s nice, but it doesn’t tell you that much. And here at Create Balance I value getting right to the heart of what matters most.

How I got here

Before I had children I was a pinnacle of organization and control. I always met my deadlines, had a clear to-do list, and was ambitious and driven in my career. I was going to be a leader in my field and have a nation-wide impact on the field of adolescent literacy.

And then I had my first child.

I really was naive. I was so excited to have my son and to turn my partnership with my husband into a new type of family. I knew that life would be different after I added the role “mom” to my roles of teacher, wife, friend, and community member. I thought I could handle it all with a planner, a notebook, and a good sleep-tracking app.

Wow, I was really naive.

I was able to plan my time and take care of basic responsibilities when I had a child – my organization and systems got me that far. Thanks to a strong partnership between me and my husband we all got fed, cared for, and I got by in my job and even made some career leaps. But what I wasn’t at all prepared for were the crippling bouts of self-doubt.

  • The sobbing in the bathroom as I pumped breast milk.
  • The mind-numbing boredom followed by moments of divine joy as I nursed and played with my baby.
  • The strange knot of excitement and dread on Monday morning, where I had a whole 30 minutes to myself on my commute, but still dreaded the standard ten-hour workday that would keep me away from the daily life of my child and exhaust me beyond belief.
  • The angst I felt as I tried to figure out who I was, what I wanted, all while also figuring out whether the shirt I was wearing still had a poop stain on it.

My world was turned upside down the day my son was born, and I was struggling to find equilibrium again.

When I had my daughter two years later I decided it was time to really figure some things out. I didn’t want to keep living a life where I was too frenzied to know what was happening around me and too busy to even know what moment I was in, let alone appreciate it and be able to store it in my memory. I often felt like I missed out on my son’s first two years not because I was physically absent, but because my mind and soul were too worn down to pay attention. I was ready to stop being a victim of a society that both glorifies and shames mothers, who says it values women who “do it all” but then provides some of the worst family leave policies in the world.

I was done trying to “find” balance in the crappy choices I was given. I was ready to Create Balance in my life for real.

The Create Balance Method is Born (because another baby is totally what I needed, right?)

Through years of research and testing, failing, and testing again. I developed the Create Balance Method. The concepts aren’t new. In fact, they are built what I have learned from incredibly knowledgeable experts in several different fields. What I have done it stitch these concepts all together into a method that can help ANYONE to create balance in their life. You don’t need to meditate. You don’t need to get a more flexible job. You have the tools in front of you. You just need to learn how to use them to actually create balance.

Once I learned how to apply the Create Balance Method to my own life I have been progressively improving my ability to live in balance and experience joy every day. Of course, I have some days (or weeks) that are harder than others, just like we all do. If there is one thing that having children teach me it is that the only thing constant is change. But thanks to the Create Balance Method I have confidence that I am spending my time and using my energy to live out my essential values every day, even the hard ones. I’m in balance even when I’m busy, because I know that I’m doing what matters most and that there are systems and routines in place to take care of the rest.

I still struggle. I still have to work at maintaining balance. But I’ve created a pretty amazing map to guide me on this journey. And I’m excited to share that map, and a ton of other tools, with you.

I’m pretty far down an amazing path that is allowing me to live a joyful and fulfilled life. I’d like to be your guide as you create your balanced life. Let’s go on a journey together.