Systems for parents who want to do good work in the world and at home.


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I love working with groups of parents who are striving to create balance between family, work, and personal fulfillment.

There are three ways you can hire me to speak to your audience:


I can run a workshop.

I’m a seasoned educator and I love facilitating workshops on various topics related to living a balanced life. I have done workshops that can run for one session or multiple sessions, and I always receive rave reviews. Participants in my workshops can expect:

  • Clear objectives at the start of each workshop
  • Materials they can take with them and use right away
  • Plenty of time to interact, learn from each other, and practice using the content of the workshop

Here is what folks say about my workshops:

“As a visualizer I always thought I was not good [at planning] because I was not a planner, but Marie taught me to own my style and to consider it as my strength and use it.” (Bijal, Productivity for Parents)

“As a parent facilitator Marie is enthusiastic, well-versed and knowledgeable in her content area. She is also very responsive to participants needs and does an excellent joy utilizing participant ideas and insights.” (Marie Cassidy, Director of the Medford Family Network)

My workshop offerings include:

  • Productivity for Parents
  • Make-Ahead Meals Made Easy
  • Unify YOU. How to stop the stress of juggling too many roles
  • Parent-life and Work-life: How to make them work with each other (and not against each other)

Contact me and let me know which workshop offering you are interested in. I’m also happy to discuss tailoring a workshop to a specific topic for your specific group.

I can make a speech.

I love the chance to speak to large groups. In these types of venues I aim to both inspire and leave participants with key strategies and skills that they can take with them and use right away. I also strive to make my speaking events interactive, so don’t be surprised if I have your participants talking to each other and sharing their ideas in ways they never expected to! Audiences who hear me speak can expect:

  • Inspiring stories of real moms and dads who have been where they are
  • Real tools and strategies that they can take and use the same day
  • Personal connections and “me too” moments that create the connections we all need to stay balanced

My prepared speaking topics include:

  • How to Make Time (instead of trying to “find” it).
  • What is Essential? How to focus on what matters for real.
  • Find your Superpower: How to turn weakness into strength.

Contact me and let me know which topics your group is interested in. I’m also happy to discuss tailoring a speech to a specific topic for your specific group

I can write for you.

I’ve been a writer far longer than I’ve been a life-balance consultant, and I love writing about topics that help parents. I’ve contributed pieces to Education Week, and Generation Veggie. I’ve also guest posted on various blogs including RealSimpleMama and Raising Revolution here and here. You can also see samples of my writing on my own blog.

When you hire me to write for you, you can expect:

  • Deadlines met promptly
  • Minimal editing needed
  • Formatting and word count parameters met

Contact me and let me know what I can write for your publication.