A practical approach to a more joyful life


View More: http://rebeccakphotography.pass.us/levey-pabst“Balancing sessions with Marie has helped me to figure out what is important to me, use my time to accomplish things that are essential and be kind to myself when I don’t complete things that are not essential. Marie is a very good listener and gives wonderful tools and suggestions to simplify life.”

Emanuela A. mom, teacher, singer/songwriter, and creator of a balanced life!
My mission is to help parents stop worrying about the things they value less and get them focused on spending more time on the parts of parenting, work, and life that bring them joy. I use a blend of coaching and consulting to make sure my clients have both a positive and productive experience in our work. I know it’s not enough to just change your mindset: you need practical tools and support to create the balanced life you crave.

  • As your coach I will ask you powerful questions, give you empathy and support.
  • As your consultant I will help you diagnose the issues that making you unbalanced, provide tools and resources to help you change what you do and how you do it, and work with you to reflect and adjust as you learn and grow throughout our work with the Create Balance Method.

Here is how you can work with me:

Package #1

Make your Time MATTER

Make Your Time MATTER: Be the master of your time . . . no matter how you want to spend it.

You’re a busy parent. It doesn’t matter if you work full-time, part-time, or stay at home with your kids. You’ve got too much to do and not enough time to do it. But you don’t want to be so busy that you miss out on the parts of your life that matter most.

That’s why I created the super focused “Make Your Time Matter” package. You bring me one area of your life you want MORE time for . . . or BETTER QUALITY time for. In three weeks you’ll leave with exactly the quality time you want – with the systems and structures in place to make sure you can still meet all your other responsibilities.
You walk away with:

  • A personalized guide with your essential values – the life-changing guide that makes decision-making simple.
  • 2 strategies that you can use daily to make time for what matters most – designed personally just for you
  • An understanding of the Create Balance Method that you can use on your own over and over again – even without my help

We do it all in just 3 sessions over 3 weeks. Because you’re a parent. You don’t have time to waste.

Time commitment: 1 session per week for 3 weeks
Cost: $225


Package #2


You know something needs to change. You are moving from day to day, but you barely know what is happening around you. When you’re at work you’re thinking about home, and when you’re at home you’re thinking about work. You’re surviving (barely) but you wish you were thriving. You think “if only I had another hour in the day” or “if only I was more disciplined, I could pull this off.”

I can’t give you another hour in the day, but I can do something better. I can be your guide as you create a life where you are:

  • present and focused on what is in front of you, both at home and at work
  • able to take time for self-care and personal rejuvenation
  • taking care of all your responsibilities without being overwhelmed by them
  • able to say “yes!” to the things you love and “no” to the things that you don’t.

When you use the Create Balance Method you will immediately see how your life can revolve around what brings you joy, not just what is next on the calendar. For 10 sessions we’ll move through the method together, and along the way you get:

  • A personalized weekly schedule, all written out for you,
  • A set of routines that make your work and home responsible do-able and even enjoyable,
  • Space in your calendar for yourself that no one can interfere with

Even more importantly, you’ll take control and create the balanced life you crave and have all the tools you need to keep on living it.

Time commitment: 10 weeks
Cost: $1800



Emanuela A.

"Balancing sessions with Marie has helped me to figure out what is important to me, use my time to accomplish things that are essential and be kind to myself when I don't complete things that are not essential. Marie is a very good listener and gives wonderful tools and suggestions to simplify life."

Emanuela A.
mother, teacher, singer, song writer

Marie C.

"As a parent facilitator Marie is enthusiastic, well-versed and knowledgeable in her content area. She is also very responsive to participants needs and does an excellent job utilizing participant ideas and insights."

Marie C.
Director of the Medford Family Network

Naveed A.

“Marie’s Productivity for Parents workshop helped us clearly see how [these tools] are going to help us in the long run and reign in the craziness of our days and help us make progress on our long term goals. The most useful tip I got from Marie in the training was: Maximize your time on what matters; minimize the rest.”

Naveed A.
Productivity for Parents participant

Eva S.

“[Productivity for Parents] is an excellent course that teaches you how to maximize your precious time as busy parents.”

Eva S.
mother of four (‘nuff said!”)

Jen V.

“Marie has great energy and is really engaging and is enthusiastic about the subject. She genuinely wants to help parents focus on what really matters and make time for it”

Jen V.
mother, web designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait . . . are you a life coach?

It depends. These days it can be hard to pin down what “life coach” means given how many people provide life coaching services in different ways. I do use some of the same tools as some amazing life coaches do, especially when helping my clients identify their essential values. However, I focus very specifically on teaching my clients methods and systems that will help them live in balance. I don’t expect you to uncover all the answers through our discussions (not that all life coaches operate this way, but some do). I assume that you are hiring me because you want both my guidance (which is my “coaching” side) and my expertise (which is my “consulting” side). I’m excited to share both of these with you!

How much do your individual sessions cost?

I don’t charge per session because I use different sessions lengths for different package offerings. For example, my “Time to Finally Get It Done” package uses two 70 minute sessions, while my “Create the Ultimate Balanced Life” Package includes ten 50-minute sessions. You can learn more about costs and payment plans by contacting me and letting me know which package you are interested in. Once you contact me I will send you a more detailed description of the package, including payment options.