A practical approach to a more joyful life


Create Balance: a practical approach for working parentsYou’re a busy mom or dad. You feel like you are always running behind, worn down, and you have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you are missing something.

You want to eat better. You want to be more productive. You want to take a minute to figure out how you balance the role of mom (or dad) with all the other hats you wear every day.

You want to be a better at all of this, but you don’t can’t find the time to figure out how to do it all.

I get it. I’m a working mom and I’ve got a lot going on, just like you.

But I’ve figured out some practical solutions to the complex problems we parents face. And I want to share them with you.



My signature workshop for working moms with a big goals. In 3 weeks we’ll get you focused, taking action, and getting into that amazing feeling of making progress on your novel, your career plans, your home renovations, or your other life goals. It’s time to make progress. It’s time to get your groove back.



I live and work in the Greater Boston area. If you’re local, I’d love to have you join in on one of my life events. Here is what is coming up soon:

Fall 2016
Medford Family Network
Productivity for Parents Workshop:
4 consecutive Wednesday sessions from 7:00-8:30pm

  • September 21st – October 12th
  • October 26th – November 16th

Arlington Family Community
Mindfulness and Movement for Working Parents (with Desiree Mottard)
November (exact date TBA)

These are my email courses. They give you everything you need to make real, practical, concrete improvements in your life in just 15 minutes a day for two weeks. Seriously. Two weeks. 15 minutes a day. Real improvements. Because you’re a busy parent. You don’t have time for nonsense. You’ve only got time for results.



Unify-YOUUnify YOU. How to stop the stress of juggling too many roles

Are you tired of juggling all your different roles? Are you tired of bringing your mom brain to work and your work brain home? Are you ready to figure out how to transition between your roles seamlessly and peacefully, so that you can focus on what are you are doing in the moment? Then this course is for you.



By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn how to use the idea of integrated values to bring a feeling a completeness to their many different selves
  • Learn how to use boundaries and transitions to effectively manage the stress of shifts through the day

You will leave this course with:

  • A full list of roles that encompass who you are
  • A list of integrated values that will help you set priorities in different parts of your life
  • Several personal boundary and transition tools that you can start using right away

Cost: $40.00


productivity-for-parentsProductivity for Parents: How to get things done when there is too much to do

Being a working mom or dad means that your to-do list is never done. In fact, trying to juggle all the tasks that have to get done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis can be overwhelming. And when new tasks pop up even the smallest “to-do” can feel like a crisis.

This course will give you proven productivity tips and strategies that will help you focus your energy on what really matters and give you practical tools to manage your to-do list so that it doesn’t take over your mind and sap your energy.


By the end of this course, you will:

  • Know your productivity style and have the proper tools to make your style work for you
  • Understand the crucial difference between action steps and projects
  • Be able to deal with new responsibilities, obligations, and tasks simply and easily

You will leave this course with:

    • A personalized “in-box” strategy to help you manage your to-do list
    • 2 clear and scheduled routines that take the anxiety out of dealing with work and household chores
    • A planned out project related to something you want to do for yourself and for your own personal fulfillment

Cost: $40.00



Make-Ahead-MealsMake-Ahead-Meals: How to make family-friendly dinners easy and avoid the take-out trap

Are you tired of dinner time feeling like the most chaotic part of your day? Do you want to run away when you think about the pile of dishes that usually wait for you after you put your kids to bed? I suffered from the dinner-time struggle for years, and it often resulted in ordering take-out way more than was good for my budget or waistline. This went on until I decided that I needed to develop a system. Now my “Make-Ahead Meals” system helps parents from all backgrounds get a grip on dinner time and make weeknight meals pleasant, healthy and simple. It also makes cleaning up after dinner a breeze – no more dish piles staring you down!


By the end of this course, you will:

  • Know how to meal-plan simply and effectively
  • Understand the key qualities of healthy “make-ahead” meals
  • Have a clear plan and system for getting weeknight meals on the table with minmal time and minimal clean-up.


  • 2 weekly meal plans that fit your family’s dietary needs
  • 2 “make-ahead meal” schedules that allow you to make 5-7 meals in just two hours
  • Lots of sample meal plans, meal schedules, and recipes for future make-ahead meals

Cost: $40.00




I have very crafted these email courses to be simple, practical, and direct so that busy parents (like you!) can learn quickly without having to figure out any special technology or services.

With the Create Balance email courses you will get a daily email lesson sent straight to your inbox. Each lesson will contain:

  • A short piece of new content, such as an explanation of a concept, a passage from book, an image that helps explain an idea, or examples from other real-life parents.
  • An activity that you will can complete right then and there.

As you progress through the lessons you will see how you are getting closer to meeting the course objectives and how you are actively creating your own course takeaways. (see the course descriptions above for more detail about the objectives and takeaways for each specific course)

That is it. Seriously. Just an email a day. A lesson and activity that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. It’s clear. It’s practical. It’s direct. And it is going to help you create balance in your life.


Emanuela A.

"Balancing sessions with Marie has helped me to figure out what is important to me, use my time to accomplish things that are essential and be kind to myself when I don't complete things that are not essential. Marie is a very good listener and gives wonderful tools and suggestions to simplify life."

Emanuela A.
mother, teacher, singer, song writer

Marie C.

"As a parent facilitator Marie is enthusiastic, well-versed and knowledgeable in her content area. She is also very responsive to participants needs and does an excellent job utilizing participant ideas and insights."

Marie C.
Director of the Medford Family Network

Naveed A.

“Marie’s Productivity for Parents workshop helped us clearly see how [these tools] are going to help us in the long run and reign in the craziness of our days and help us make progress on our long term goals. The most useful tip I got from Marie in the training was: Maximize your time on what matters; minimize the rest.”

Naveed A.
Productivity for Parents participant

Eva S.

“[Productivity for Parents] is an excellent course that teaches you how to maximize your precious time as busy parents.”

Eva S.
mother of four (‘nuff said!”)

Jen V.

“Marie has great energy and is really engaging and is enthusiastic about the subject. She genuinely wants to help parents focus on what really matters and make time for it”

Jen V.
mother, web designer
Create Balance Beliefs

I started Create Balance based on these core beliefs:

Create Balance Belief #1: Every mom and dad deserves to feel balance and joy both with their family and at work.
Create Balance Belief #2: Balance is deeply personal. A balanced and joyful life looks different for different people.
Create Balance Belief #3: You don’t find balance. Instead, you must create it.
Create Balance Belief #4: Big life changes can be made by making small decisions every day. In fact, small decisions every day are often the only way you can make big life changes stick.
Create Balance Belief #5: We live more balanced lives when we are connected to a community.

Create Balance email courses help parents make these small decisions that lead to big results. Let me guide you for 15 minutes a day for two weeks and see what balance and joy you can create.



  • Your email course purchases are non-refundable. Please shop mindfully.
  • Not sure you going to like the course? Worried you’ll regret making a purchase? Please spend some time exploring my blog posts or sign-up for my newsletter. Get to know me, get to know my work, and if you like what you see there’s a pretty good chance you’ll love my email courses as well.


FAQ for Email courses

What is an e-course?

E-course stands for “electronic course” or “Email course.” Essentially, an e-course is simply a course that delivers content electronically rather than in person. Some e-courses include recorded lectures, or other audio and visual components. Some e-courses use email to deliver content, worksheets and other materials. The Create Balance email courses were designed with practicality and simplicity in mind since I know that working parents have very small windows of time in which to work on courses like these. I use email as the fastest, most direct, and most efficient way to get you the content and to help you practice the skills you need to create balance between family, work, and personal fulfillment.

Why an email course – why not take a real live class?

While I love attending lectures and in-person courses I found that I was unable to do this much once I had kids. I have found email courses and other forms of e-courses an effective way to continue my learning and personal growth, but on my own schedule. As a parent I need my learning opportunities to be flexible, and straight-forward or I don’t really get to engage with them. My email courses are designed to do just that: bring the learning and tools directly to you so that you can learn, grow, and improve, but in a focused and practical way. Of course, if you are really craving in-person sessions you can see my speaking and workshop schedule or contact me about personal coaching and consulting sessions.